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PRE-ORDER NOW & SAVE 15% with code 'PREORDER15'

The No 1 Personal Safety Devcie for Filipinas

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We envision a safer Philippines for women.

1 in 4 women in the Philippines will suffer some form of physical or sexual assault in her lifetime. This heartbreaking statistics include 1 in 4 of our sisters, daughters and friends.

Taking back control

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe, so we created Bella to allow women to live their best lives.

By Filipinas, for Filipinas.



"Felt so much safer now when going out for my coffee runs, grocery shopping, and basically everywhere! Having Bella with me feels like having a bodyguard -but in my pocket. I love my Bella!"

– Louise M.


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  • Meet Bella, our personal safety alarm made for Filipinas, by Filipinas. To deter an attack, activate the LOUD 130db alarm and bright flashing strobe light.

    Light-weight with a soft-touch silicone coating, the Bella personal safety alarm is easy to clip to your handbag, keys, or water bottle.

    To attract attention for help or create a momentary distraction, activate the LOUD 130db siren and flashing strobe-light.

    Carry Bella around the city while out exercising, walking the dog, going  to school,  errands at night, hiking a mountain, cycling around town.


    • Small (3.5" x 1.125" x 0.5") 

    • 130db siren  (LOUD as a jet engine!)

    • Flashing 200-lumen strobe LED light to draw attention

    • Stylish & minimalist

    • No false triggering

    • Durable soft-touch silicone coating

    • 60 minutes continuous alarm

    • Long lasting 2-year battery

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    What is a Personal Safety Alarm?

    A personal safety alarm, also known as a rape alarm or personal safety device, is an electronic device that emits a loud noise and flashing strobe when activated.

    They are used predominantly by women to use when they feel they are in an unsafe scenario - the alarm helps bring attention to the situation and wards off potential attackers. 

    Bella is the loudest and most trusted personal safety alarms in the Philippines with over 5,000 customers and growing!

    Who uses a Personal Safety Alarm?

    Anyone can use a personal safety device.

    However, it's commonly used by women especially those who dog walkrun, go out at night, travel or walk to school / university.

    It's especially popular to use in the Philippines as so many women commute alone at night to and from work, and with the lack of public transport safety.

    How do you use a Personal Safety Alarm?

    The Bella personal safety alarm is very easy to use – simply pull the ring and it will emit a 130dB alarm and 200 lumen strobe! Put the ring back in to stop the alarm.

    Why buy a Bella Safety Alarm?

    Bella is the most popular safety alarm in the Philippines for women, by women.

    It has a 130dB siren and 200 lumen flashing strobe - giving you an incredible loud and noticeable device.

    The clip attachment is very strong but also fashionable, giving you comfort to attach it to your handbag, belt or coat.

    Can I make custom bundles?

    Yes :)

    For a custom 3 pack:

    1. Add 3 single alarms to your cart

    2. Use discount code BUNDLE3 at checkout for 10% OFF

    For a custom 5 pack:

    1. Add 5 single alarms to your cart

    2. Use discount code BUNDLE5 at checkout for 20% OFF

    What is included in my Bella Purchase?

    •Bella personal alarm

    •Black keyring

    •Instructions / Manual

    How long do the batteries last?

    •Alarm activation can last for up to 40 continual minutes with each new set of batteries.

    How loud is Bella?

    •130 decibels, comparable to a jet engine flying 100 feet above you.

    Trust your gut

    When in danger, or in an uncomfortable situation - activate Bella's LOUD alarm and flashing light to distract a potential attacker and raise the alarm for attention of passers by.

    Trust that Bella is by your side.



    Unlike pepper spray and tasers, you can take Bella with you wherever you go.


    No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers. Just pull the Bella alarm to activate. Anyone can use Bella, from young children to grandparents.


    We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have Bella by your side.

    Why now?

    1 in 4 Filipinas suffer physical or sexual assault in their lifetime.

    - Relief Web

    Only 1 in 3 Filipinas who have experienced physical or sexual violence sought help to stop the abuse.

    - Rappler

    At least one woman or child was abused every ten minutes in the country in 2020.

    - Institute of War & Peace


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